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Garden rooms are the best way to transform your outdoor living space into a brand new area to enjoy throughout the Summer months. Your Letchworth property can enhance our modern styles whilst embracing benefits that can improve any space.

Working with various industry leaders like Eurocell, we can tailor your garden rooms to suit the desired space you have available. Each building is carefully crafted using precision engineered material to ensure a long lasting, thermally efficient and durable life.

Letchworth homeowners who invest in garden rooms can transform this into a gym, workspace, studio or guest room; whatever you decide, your garden room can deliver stunning and practical use throughout the year.

Our team of experts can work with you from beginning to end. With all our team being professionally trained, we know how to get you the best garden rooms for your home and requirements. The installation process will not get in the way of your daily lifestyle – so you never need to worry about any added hassle or stress.

For any further questions or queries, get in touch with our team today, and we can help turn your designs into a reality.

High Performance

Our modern garden rooms come with insulated walls and floors, double glazing, rubber membrane roofs and bespoke external cladding. This ensures that the new garden buildings can provide a high level of performance that can; last for many years to come.

Cladding Options

The optimal internal and external cladding that we offer can help you fully customise your garden rooms to create an entirely your own space. The cladding is a quick and easy job available in a bespoke range of colours.


Are you looking to create a contemporary workplace, gym, or relaxation area for you and your loved ones? Our range of garden rooms can be tailored for various purposes with design elements created to suit your daily needs. We are proud to offer many styles along with a bespoke service. Get in touch with a friendly member of our team to find out how you can tailor your garden rooms to suit your Letchworth home.


Our garden rooms provide the highest level of performance that is extremely cost effective and thermally efficient. These garden rooms are always rigorously tested by our market leading professionals. You can be confident that you are investing in a long lasting and high standard product that will never require regular maintenance or replacements.

With six external cladding options, alongside our selection of accessories to create ideal garden rooms, we can seamlessly blend this into your Letchworth property with no hassle whatsoever. You can have the ultimate control over the windows and doors installed in the garden room, which can also be tailored to match your new designs!


With insulated walls and floors, homeowners can have creative freedom over their new garden rooms, which never need to be compromised. You can expect your new room to provide high levels of thermal performance and improve your overall energy consumption, which can help minimise your carbon footprint.

At Conserv-A-Tech, our contemporary garden rooms are fitted with standard high, security multi-point locking systems. These stunning features enable your home to enhance its protection, keeping the space safe every day. Our profiles are designed to use the best timber or steel materials, ensuring that all unwanted intruders are deterred.



Our stunning builds are available in an array of size options, allowing you to create a space that fits your Letchworth home. From a minimum size of 2500mmx3000mm to a maximum size of 4800mmx3750mm. You have ultimate control over how large you want this building to be!

Each garden room design is manufactured to withstand the test of time – even in the worst of the British weather, whether heavy snow, gale force winds or torrential rain. These aesthetics, alongside its performance, will not be impacted by these harsh conditions, so you can be sure that you are getting the very best option for your property.


Garden Room Prices, Letchworth

Are you looking to upgrade your garden with a space that can be enjoyed all year round? At Conserv-A-Tech, we can help you create a bespoke garden room tailored to your specific needs and requirements – even your desired budget!

For any further questions and queries, please contact us today on 01438 728 485 or contact us by using our online contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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