High Quality Home Extension in Letchworth

If you choose to update your property with a brand new home extension, then you can benefit from a range of features that will greatly improve the way your home looks and performs. All of our glazed extension styles are affordable, meaning you can design a bespoke home extension that is suited to your property and your budget.

All of our extension designs are incredibly versatile, so you can be sure to find a suitable single storey extension space that is perfect for you and your Letchworth property. You can control how your glass box extension looks, including the colours, materials, size and style. As well as this, you can also replace the roof with a choice of tiled, glazed and solid conservatory roof styles.

Not only do the house extensions look stunning, but they’ll also provide your home with a bespoke range of features that will significantly enhance the way your home performs. Whether you’re looking for a thermally efficient home extension or even an incredibly secure option, we can provide you with a brand new living space that performs exactly how you want it to.

Whether you’re looking for a conservatory, orangery or house extensions in Letchworth, we can provide you with a high quality and stunning solution that will give you several years of service.

For more information on our range of glazed house extensions, get in touch with Conserv-A-Tech today. We can help bring your double glazing house extensions designs to life.

We have an expert team that will work with you during every step of your project. This means that you can benefit from an excellent customer service. We will help generate a bespoke house extensions design that is perfectly tailored to match the existing architecture of your home. We have a wide variety of designs you can choose from, so you can be sure to find a suitable extension replacement.

Why not opt for our brick house extensions and create a brand new bedroom for your home. You can extend your home whilst maintaining the right amount of privacy. The brick walls are solid and well insulated, so you can comfortably use the space throughout the year.

The kitchen is often the hub of the home. Why not expand your home and create the perfect kitchen diner extension. You can impress your guests and dine in style in your brand new kitchen extension. Choose from a wraparound style, a conservatory kitchen extension, or rear home extension.

If you simply want to create a brand new living space for you and your family, then house extensions are the ideal solution. You can benefit from a visually brighter space that can be used for a variety of purposes throughout the year.

A garden room is the ideal way to seamlessly blend the interiors of your home with your garden surroundings. You can create the perfect outdoor living area that you can use whatever the weather. Your new garden room will provide you with panoramic views of your Letchworth garden.

If you think that your existing house extensions are simply in need of a roof upgrade, then you can replace your roof with one of our high performance roof systems. If your house extensions roof is underperforming, then you could be losing heat from your home. With our roof replacements, you can expect exceptional thermal performance that will keep your home well insulated all year long.

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Benefits & Features of Our House Extensions in Letchworth

The house extensions are durable in design so you can expect impressive longevity. The modern design ensures enhanced security that will keep you and the contents of your home well protected year after year. You needn’t worry about the profile rotting, warping, or bowing out of shape after long exposure to the natural elements.

Prompt House Extensions Installation

Here at Conserv-A-Tech, we offer pre-fabricated and pre-designed house extensions. This allows you to enjoy your new house extensions in Letchworth a lot sooner than you may think as the design can be promptly and efficiently installed without causing a great amount of disruption.

House Extensions Letchworth

Competitive & Affordable House Extensions in Letchworth

If you’re looking for competitive double glazed house extensions, then you’ve come to the right place. They are a much more affordable option than that of traditional brick house extensions and will give you several years of service without the need for repair or replacement. Get in touch for a bespoke home extension quote!

House Extension Prices in Letchworth

House Extension Prices, Letchworth

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