Stylish and Durable Kitchen Extensions in Stevenage

Kitchen extensions in Stevenage are a cost-effective way of increasing your kitchen space without spending a bomb on adding a built-up extension or even moving home! In fact, Conserv-A-Tech kitchen extensions offer a host of great features that make them preferable to not just built-up extensions but also your traditional glazed extensions.

These kitchen extensions offer a much better thermal performance than any other type of home extension. This includes brick extensions. We give you a structure that comes with insulated columns and internal pelmets that will keep your kitchen space warmer without having to heat it up.

These gorgeous extensions are pre-designed and pre-fabricated. They are even pre-approved so you don’t have to worry about getting them approved by Building Regulations. The result of this is that your kitchen extension is installed much quicker than you would expect. You can even choose between a solid roof, tiled roof, or a glass roof to decide how much light and privacy you want.

Additionally, these durable kitchen extensions are made keeping the weather in your area in mind. As a result, you can rely on them to stay strong even in the heaviest of winds and snow. With these kitchen extensions, you can increase the space in your Stevenage home quite easily. You get a clear picture of what your extension will look like, and you can even tailor its look and colour to complement your property perfectly.

You would not want to be losing the heat from your house from your kitchen extension, which is why we ensure that your extension is very well-insulated. As a result, you can keep it warm and comfortable all year round, without spending a fortune in heating bills. In fact, with our heat-efficient kitchen extensions, your Stevenage home will see a reduction in the use of central heating.

With our kitchen extensions, you can choose the kind of roof you would like for your room. Our uPVC roofs can help flood your new room with natural light. However, our tiled and solid roofs can also be fitted with roof lanterns for natural illumination along with better temperature control and privacy. You can pick the roof that meets your requirements most effectively.

Whether you want a small kitchen extension of the side of your home, or a larger one wrapping around your Stevenage home, we give you a range of shapes to choose from. This allows you to tailor your extension to suit your needs as well as your property design. As a result, your new room can maximise your space without looking incongruous.

The kitchen extensions we offer have parts that are pre-fabricated and pre-approved. However, with the selection we have, you can design your room to look exactly as you want, including the colour, finish, and even the roof tile options. This way, you get a kitchen extension that is made for you, by you. In fact, you can even see what it will look like once installed and approve on the basis of that.

With a built-up extension, you will have to wait a long time for your room to be ready, while also facing a disruption to your daily life. We, on the other hand, offer pre-approved and ready-to-install extensions. These are mostly pre-assembled and just need to be put up in your Stevenage home. This gives you an installation that is over in a very short time, giving you your new room much sooner than you expected.

When you choose one of our kitchen extensions, you don’t have to worry about it not performing up to the mark. We give you a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on your extensions, so you are able to enjoy them without any stress. With the premium materials we use and our high-quality installation, your kitchen extension will give you flawless service for years.

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Better Insulation with Our Kitchen Extensions

Our kitchen extensions for your Stevenage property come with insulated columns that not only add superb stability to your room but also make it very heat efficient. These columns are combined with an insulated internal pelmet that can be fitted with speakers and lighting options. This way, you get extra kitchen space that is as warm as it is stylish.

Quicker Kitchen Extension Installation

Since our kitchen extensions are made of insulated parts that are pre-approved by Building Regulations, you don’t have to wait to get your planning permission before you start to build your room. Also, since the parts are pre-fabricated and just need to be assembled, your kitchen extension costs much less and can be installed in record time.

Heat Efficient Kitchen Extensions, Stevenage

Affordable Kitchen Extension Options

In spite of the fantastic performance features our kitchen extensions offer, they are quite competitively priced. This makes them a much better option that getting a brick extension that would cost quite a lot. In fact, whether you opt for larger rooms or small kitchen extensions, we offer you the most cost-effective product for your Stevenage home improvement needs.

Kitchen Extension Prices, Stevenage

Kitchen Extension Prices, Stevenage

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