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Complete Flexibility

You control the final look of your extension project from start to finish. We have five different roofs for you to choose from, plus a variety of window, door and wall designs.

Five Times Faster Turnaround

Thanks to hup!’s rapid connection technology, your new conservatory or extension project can be completed in a fraction of the time traditional building methods require.

Five Times More Energy Efficient

hup! offers an exceptional level of energy efficiency for your home. Not only will this help to reduce your energy bills, but it will also lower your carbon footprint and help the environment.

Premium Quality

hup! represents the highest level of engineering prowess, using advanced manufacturing and expert builders to achieve an excellent standard of quality for your home.

One Supplier, One Project

A single, dedicated team will be handling the construction of your hup! for the project’s duration, ensuring you won’t have to worry about a procession of strangers in your home.

60% More Carbon Efficient

hup! is 60% more carbon efficient than traditional brick walls, zero waste in production and installation, making it an eco-friendly choice for construction. hup! significantly minimises onsite water usage, compared to the 2 litres per brick usedby conventional building methods. The hup! factory has earned the ISO 14001 accreditation for its dedication to reducing environmental impact.

Personalise your hup!

hup! Technology Explained

hup! makes the most of revolutionary technological advances to provide a breakthrough method of home extension construction. Our durable models can result in five times the energy efficiency as traditional builds and can be built up to five times quicker. Find out how your home can be enhanced with hup!

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hup! Conservatory Transformations

If you want to upgrade an old conservatory unit, hup! can transform it into a brand new extension for your home.

hup! Extensions

Open up the space in your property with a simple, fast extension project that looks beautiful and boosts your home’s value.

hup! Conservatories

A bespoke hup! conservatory can flood your home with natural light whilst offering fantastic thermal insulation.

hup! Garden Homes

Give your exterior space a stunning new feature that’s perfect for socialising with guests as well as enjoying some personal time.

Ultimate Design Flexibility

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