Optimise Your Space with House Extensions in Welwyn Garden City

With house extensions in Welwyn Garden City from Conserv-A-Tech, you can make the most of the space that is available to you in your property. In fact, these home extensions are a wonderful and cost-effective alternative to built-up rooms. Most importantly, our team will help you customise the extension to your needs perfectly.

In addition to deciding the size and style of your extension, you can also choose the material you want. We offer uPVC and glazed extensions as well as brick extensions. These are available in the colour and finish of your choice. Finally, you can top your extension with the roof of your choice. We offer solid, tiled, and glass roofs, so you get the perfect house extension in Welwyn.

Our glazed house extensions are designed to give you great insulation, so your room is always at a comfortable temperature. You can even get a room that does not heat up in the summer with our brick house extensions. Whether you’re looking for glazed conservatories or modern orangeries, – our house extensions will help you create a comfortable living space without increasing your heating bills.

Additionally, our double glazed house extensions in Welwyn Garden City are also quicker to install than building a room. We offer pre-designed extensions that come pre-fabricated and pre-approved by Building Regulations. As a result, you can get that extra room in less time and without the stress and expense of getting it approved.

How you intend to use your new room plays a huge part in deciding the type of house extension you want. This is why we give you a wide choice of house extension ideas, designs, and styles. This way, you are better able to pick the options that suit your requirements.

When adding a spare room that is to be used as a bedroom, you will want it to give you complete privacy, especially from the outside world. In such a case, our brick house extensions and orangeries might be suitable, especially when combined with a solid or tiled roof. This combination helps you keep out prying eyes as well as get a well-insulated room that does not become cold during winter nights.

If you want to extend your kitchen space, you would want to consider factors like plumbing, electrics, the extendable space, and natural light. You can choose a wraparound style, a rear house extension, a conservatory kitchen, or any of the many designs we offer.

A bright and airy living room can make a huge difference to the quality of your life, as well as make a good impression on guests. Choose from our glass house extensions or opt for a glazed roof to get a sunny living room that does not become overly hot or cold, no matter what the weather outside.

A garden room can be a haven you can escape to when you want some peace and quiet. It can be used as a private den or a home office. You can even use it to host intimate parties or unwind there after a long day. You can even tailor your garden room to get the view you want.

We offer refurbishment options that will help your existing extension to perform better. The right roof can make a vast difference in the way your house extension in Welwyn performs. Choose a glass roof to naturally brighten a dark room. Alternatively, a solid roof can keep a south or west facing room at a moderate temperature even when the sun is beating down on it. The style of your property can also be a factor, where a tiled roof might help the house extension blend in better with the rest of your home.

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Fabulous Features of Our House Extensions

With our carefully-planned house extensions in Welwyn Garden City, you can get the most out of your extended space. These extensions are designed to give you all the features you need for your room. However, you also get heat efficiency built into them. We offer insulated columns that add to the stability of your room while also helping them manage the heat better.

Faster House Extension Installation

With our pre-fabricated and pre-designed glazed house extensions, you can get extra space in your home in Welwyn quickly. You also get an easier installation experience since our home extensions are pre-approved by Building Regulations.

House Extension Installation, Welwyn Garden City

Competitively-Priced House Extensions in Welwyn

Our double glazed house extensions can be a much more affordable alternative to brick house extensions. These pre-fabricated rooms are installed quickly. As a result, you can get a large room added to your Welwyn home at a fraction of the cost and time.

House Extension Prices, Welwyn Garden City

House Extension Prices, Welwyn Garden City

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