Outstanding Orangeries in Biggleswade

If you are looking to expand your property in Biggleswade, Conserv-A-Tech offer a fantastic range of orangery designs and styles that incorporates the 18th-century aesthetic into 21st-century technology. These house extensions in Biggleswade will give your property in Biggleswade a classic, ornate look, while also being combined with modern performance features. Including thermal insulation, weather-protection and high levels of security.

No matter if you have a modern, contemporary or traditional property, your orangery design will be perfectly tailored to your exact specifications. So that it best matches your taste and property design. We work alongside you throughout the process, allowing you to select a variety of personalisation options that will create a high performance and aesthetically pleasing structure that blends into your pre-existing property seamlessly.

You can select from traditional orangery styles, with brick walls for better privacy and insulation. Or a contemporary orangery which features more glass to bring in more natural light. We also offer you lantern orangeries, which features a glass lantern roof that maximises the amount of natural light into your property without compromising on the level of insulation or weatherproofing.

Traditional Orangeries

A traditional orangery is a classic look, with brick walls and a solid roof that makes the structure appear to be a natural continuation of the rest of your property. Fitted with internal pelmets and decorative cornices, your extension will have a high level of performance; with the added room to your property matching the traditional architecture of your Biggleswade home, with options for a double-hipped, T-Shaped or Georgian orangery design.

Contemporary Orangeries

Contemporary orangeries are a great choice if you are looking for a more modern take, either to match your contemporary property or to offset your traditional home. With bi-folding doors creating a seamless threshold in and out of the garden, as well as bringing in massive amounts of natural light, they also feature floor-length windows that, while providing outstanding views, do not compromise on the insulation of your property.

Lantern Orangeries

Lantern orangeries provide the best of both worlds, with the privacy and security of a brick extension, while the glass lantern roof brings in maximum natural light into your property. Classy and cosy, the created room is a fabulous addition to any home.

No matter what kind of orangery extension you pick for your property, it will be fitted with reliable and flawless thermal insulation; including super-insulated columns for added heat retention. Use your orangery all year round with Conserv-A-Tech.

The options for what kind of orangery you can get for your property ranges from a Double-Hipped orangery with a box gutter, a T-Shaped or a Georgian style, all of which you are free to choose between to ensure your orangery will look its best and matches your properties aesthetics and pre-existing architecture.

The roof of your orangery is another essential factor, which is why we offer a variety of styles. During your design process, you can choose what shape of roof you want, as well as whether you want it to be glazed or solid, with a lantern roof or a tiled roofing option, as well as a flat or elevated roof. No matter what you want, we have the product for you.

Our installation team will work quickly and efficiently on your orangery installation to ensure that you get to enjoy your new extension as soon as possible, and with as little disruption of your day-to-day activity as possible. For an estimate on how long your installation will take, please contact us today.

Our orangeries are designed to be incredibly durable, being able to last for years with no loss in performance, appearance or reliability. We provide a 10-year guarantee as standard for all of the installations that we perform, meaning that you can have the peace of mind that you will be given a quality installation.

Everyone’s personal sense of style is different, which is why we make sure that your orangery is tailored to your exact specifications so that it perfectly matches your vision for your property in Biggleswade. We offer insulated internal pelmets that not only improve the thermal efficiency of your interior room but also provides a great place for putting lights and speakers so that you can fully customise your room. Decorative cornices are also offered to hide your guttering and tidy up your properties exterior appearance.


Orangery Prices, Biggleswade

If you want quick and free orangery quotes in Biggleswade, use our online quoting engine. You can also contact us through our online contact form and speak to someone from our team. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our orangeries offering.

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