Illuminate Your Home With Our Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns are glass skylights that can extend the roof of your home upwards. Rather than a solid roof, you will receive advanced double glazing panels which can let the sunlight into your property whilst reducing any solar glare whilst improving insulation. You can enjoy the views of the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

We are proud to offer roof lanterns that offer slim sightlines to refresh your home’s look and overall feel. With transformative aspects for your ceiling, you can open up amounts of natural light and bring warmth into your property with ease. Roof lanterns also provide your living space with a new centrepiece, which makes it welcoming, exciting and inviting.

At Conserv-A-Tech, we all strive in offering roof lanterns to all Weston homes; this is why we also stock Ultraframe’s leading designs – meaning that our valued customers can receive a style that provides the highest thermal efficiency and security. Your new roof lantern will be weatherproof and waterproof, ensuring that the design will never wear, even in the worst of British weather.

Choosing Conserv-A-Tech for your new Weston roof lantern ensures that you will work with a trusted installer. With a responsive and quick installation service, you will get shorter waiting times and cost effective prices! We will personalise our service to match your needs and requirements – and that’s not all… you can customise your roof lantern to be as bespoke as you like. Make your home the best it can be with Conserv-A-Tech.

Slim Sightlines

At Conserv-A-Tech, we offer aluminium roof lanterns. Aluminium is a durable, strong and long lasting material that has excellent benefits for your home. Due to these features, your roof lantern will be slim, sleek and all without compromising on its advantages. These slim sightlines will also guarantee an increase in natural lighting and overall interior temperature; you can get the best home improvement solution by choosing the right installer.

Performance Glazing

Our roof lanterns offer extremely high quality performance glazing. Our glazing options offer a new standard for your Weston home, and our valued customers can keep excess warmth out in the Summer months and excess cold out in the Winter. Your home will remain a relaxing and comfortable temperature all year round without the added struggle of high energy bills. You can rely less upon your central heating, therefore saving you money every month!

Quick Installation

With no onsite drilling or cutting, there are 25% fewer bars to make the overall installation quicker and more efficient. All of our installers will assemble your new roof lanterns with the very best professional service, allowing you to reap their benefits as soon as possible!

We aim to keep your Weston home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Because of our roof lanterns, you can get a fully insulated aluminium under cladding across the build, as well as durable aluminium frames and advanced double glazing. Our team will work hard to make sure that you and your loved ones receive the best service, all with a cost effective outcome.


Conserv-A-Tech wants to reassure you that your investments will maintain remarkable strength for your Weston property. Our roof lanterns have the UK’s strongest ridge with an IXX value of 2,226kmm4 – this means that we provide the strongest design on the market today! You can be sure that you will receive a highly secure solution with the added benefits of our glazing options.

For any reason, in the extremely rare case where something does go wrong, you will have a 10 year guarantee that will cover you! This applies to your roof lantern cracking, discolouring, bowing out of shape or component failure. Conserv-A-Tech will make sure that you can take the best next steps to ensure that you get the home improvement solution your home deserves.

With a fully weatherproof design, your Weston home will be completely protected. Our team have tested our roof lanterns under extreme conditions to ensure that they can withstand 130mph winds, all whilst remaining watertight. All our designs feature incredibly durable weather gaskets, glazing stops, and a triple layer storm shield that can deal with all weather conditions.

Our roof lanterns are both sleek and versatile. Due to the amazing strength of double glazing and aluminium materials, you can have a roof lantern that suits all your needs and special requirements. If that wasn’t enough, then we have got you covered! You can customise your new roof lantern to create a unique and personal style for your Weston home. We offer bespoke colours and materials depending on what you are looking for; you can even invest in uPVC roof lanterns for your property too. Whatever you need, Conserv-A-Tech has the answer.

Our roof lanterns do not include any timber. Due to this, you never have to spend time maintaining your design to keep it from performing its best. Instead, you will be getting aluminium frames that will not rot, warp, crack, decay or twist for many decades! You will member have to spend time repainting your roof lantern – you will receive a performance that lasts.


Roof Lantern Prices in Weston

All you need to do is visit our online quoting engine for your personal and bespoke price for a roof lantern in Weston! You can create a unique roof lantern for your property, and we will then provide you with a personalised cost in just seconds.

Otherwise, contact Conserv-A-Tech directly using our online form to ask our friendly team for more information about our roof lanterns.


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