What is Condensation?

The increased incidence of condensation in today’s buildings is the direct result of changes in modern living conditions, which have led to warmer and more comfortable rooms.

In many homes, traditional open fires have been replaced by sophisticated heating systems, ill-fitting doors and window frames have been provided with draught excluders, floors have been completely covered by fitted carpets, while ceiling heights have been lowered and the space between loft joists filled with insulating material.

These modern aids to home comfort have created rooms which are warmer but which often have less ventilation and fewer air changes. The result is that the water vapour produced by normal living activities is no longer able to escape up the chimney or through door jambs, window joints and other outlets.

In certain circumstances, all these aids to comfort combine to create ideal conditions for the formation of condensation.

The question is how to reduce condensation without sacrificing the benefit of increased comfort. When double glazing is used in conjunction with heating and controlled ventilation, it helps solve this problem – and its effectiveness will be even greater if the elementary precautions referred to in our leaflet are adopted.

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